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Coal d.o.o. (Ltd.) was established in 1992 as a family company involved in production and trade.
The roots of our present air-weapon ammunition production reach back to the 1950s. In 1960 Mr. Cofek Stjepan, a pilot of the Military Academy and an expert for maintenance of mechanical machines as well as production technology of ammunition for air-weapons started to construct his own technology of production of air-weapon ammunition. The final version of this technology was completed in 1980. After a few years of test production the regular production started in 1984. This was the best ammunition produced in Croatia and former Yugoslavia. Until 1989 the ammunition was produced for the needs of the Croatian Schooters' Association. In the same year the production was interrupted due to unstable economical and political conditions in former Yugoslavia.

As soon as the conditions allowed it, a family enterprise COAL Ltd. Slovenia was established by Mr. Stjepan Cofek's nephews, Jože and Milan Cofek.
1993 saw the revival of the production of air-weapons ammunition incorporating improved technological solutions. Our product range covers the production of ammunition for air-weapons of 4.5 mm calibre, covering 40% of Slovenian market as well as a rather smaller part in some other countries. Our ammunition, known as "white pellets" is well known in Slovenia and as well as abroad because of its excellent balistic quality.

We are trading with:

  • weapons
  • ammunition
  • shooting accessories
  • hunting equipment
  • shooting ranges
  • and other

After a short time we managed to place our two products of "White Pellets" type (the name "white" is due to extreme metal shine of the product - high quality of material) into some pretentious markets.
In future, our developement programmes of the production of air-weapons shall comprise the ammunition for all categories of shooters.
Because of good working atmosphere in our company we can assure a long-tern quality of the products and services to our customers.


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Air gun pellets WP Coal Pointed 5.5 200 pcs
Air gun pellets WP Coal Pointed 5.5 200 pcs
Air gun pellets WP Coal Pointed 5.5 200 pcs
!Air gun pellets WP Coal Pointed 5.5 200 pcs
2.36 €
Air gun pellets WP Coal Pointed 5.5 200 pcs

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