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 Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH is a prominent German manufacturer of highly precise air rifle pellets and of bullets for reloaders and muzzle-loaders.
The enterprise has its roots in the traditional Haendler & Natermann GmbH and is active as an independent daughter of the company since 1991.

Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH has an export share of approx. 50% and supplies customers on all continents.

The enterprise fulfils the high requirements of its customers to the practical execution and high-quality of the air rifle pellets and bullets with its experience of many years and the close co-operation with world’s best shooters and weapon manufacturers.

For many years Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH has supported young shooters in the German shooting associations.

The colleagues of Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH are to the largest part passionate hunters and sportsman. They know the most important thing about our products:
“Precision and Continuity”.
 Haendler & Natermann Sport GmbH
Kasseler Straße 2
D - 34346 Hann. Münden
Phone: +49 5541/704-428
Fax: +49 5541/704-226


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